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RERA participates Pollutec 2014 at Lyon for Dec.2-5

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November 1, 2014

Dear All,

We are very happy to announce you that RERA will participate as an exhibitor of Pollutec 2014 for December 2 to 5, 2014.

In this exhibition, we will introduce you our technology Hybrid Lagoon System and provide you our best solution to resolve eutrophication and nitrogen removal from wastewater.

How to treat Total Nitrogen (T-N), as a main cause of eutrophication in rivers, lakes, coastal water and any other water system, in wastewater is a key element to resolve eutrophication problem. With HLS's higher advantage of nitrogen removal than any other biological wastewater treatment technologies, we will provide you the way to treat T-N in wastewater with 50% of energy and surplus sludge and non-chemical use.

If you have interest, please come to see us at Hall : 4, Aisle : K, Stand : 138 at Lyon Euroexpo France.

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