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Mr. Hiroshi Kishi

Name: Hiroshi KISHI.

  1. Position: Rural Environmental Research Association.

  2. Address of position: 702-10-9-1 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 1130034.

  3. Tel. +81-03-3816-0019

  4. Post name: President.

  5. Personnel history :

    1. I was born 1936 in Tokyo City.

    2. I Married, two children

    3. I quitted Touho university medical department.

    4. I learned pollution issue in "Ui-Study Room" of the University of Tokyo.

    5. My study subject is "Automatic control theory of denitrification by microbe." This studies subject brought from "Pasveer ditch" Nitrogen removal function analysis by circulation waterway type semi-bath activated sludge method.

Business career

  1. In 1975, I enforced treatment test by open-air mining lagoon (4000 cubic meters) in Takizawa-Ham factory that there was in Tochigi prefecture, and confirmed nitrogen removal function by this treatment system.

  2. In 1978. It was done about drainage from aircraft, and similar test identified about wastewater treatment function that didn't dilute high level concentration nitrogen drainage. Designed treatment facility by L.L.S.B. activated sludge treatment method about Itami airport (Osaka) and Haneda airport (old. Tokyo).

  3. In 1979, I did test about denitrification of stock/pig raising drainage (trust of Shiga prefecture, environment room), and designed high-level treatment institution of large-scale stock raising drainage in the sequel.

  4. In 1982, I designed hospital wastewater treatment facility of 700 person's scale. because approval form of Japan building center (the Minister of Construction authorization) was recognized about this treatment system,

  5. In 1985. I design of agriculture village waste water treatment facility (pig: 4000, population: 1000 ) Chiba prefecture Sahara city

  6. In 1989, design of fishery village wastewater treatment facility of Hokkaido. Tokoro town.

  7. In 1983. Design of human waste handling facility of Kochi. Nangoku city.

  8. In 1985, design of Seibu Sanitary Facility of Nagano (human waste).

  9. In 1985, design of "Hedoro" disposal facility by stock raising wastewater of Ishikawa.

  10. In 1988, transition disposal test of Iwate Furukawa marsh.

  11. In 1989, investigation of quality of dam contaminated sediments in Taiwan, R.O.C. (trust of Taiwan, EPA).

    • Planning of bottom mud disposal on Lake of Cheng-Ching Fu that there is in Kaoh-Siung City, Taiwan.

    • Planning of nitrogen removal of the water for water works of Feng-Shan Dam that there is in Kaoh-Siung City, Taiwan.

  12. In 1989, design of bottom mud disposal facility of lobster nursery in Okinawa, Ishigaki.

  13. In 1990, bottom mud disposal test by dredging of mud that is thin in Akai gulf. Lake of Biwa, Nan-ko (Siga prefecture open call for participants.).

  14. In 1991, lecture on "Restoration of lakes and Marshes, applying the treatment of bottom Sediments using Bio-reactor (Biotechnology)", The United States-Japan Experts Meeting on Management of Bottom Sediments Counting Toxic Substances, 15th meeting, San-Pedro, California, USA.

  15. In 1994, design of bottom mud disposal facility of Waterfowl Park in Tottori, Yonago City.

  16. In.1997.lecuture on "New Process for Improvement of Contamination Sediments by Succession of Micro-Biota." The 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on CONTAMINATION SEDIMENTS. The Rotterdam Netherlands.

  17. In 1998.lecuture on "Hybrid Lagoon System." The Asian International Conference. The Yogjakarta Indonesia.

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