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"Hybrid Lagoon & Solar system" WWTW with zero-emission of greenhouce gas and no eutrophication

1. EU Innovation Old WWTP project.
2. INDIA Ganga improvment project.
3. US California Water Reuse project.

1. In the EU area, there are many sewage treatment plants which has low treatment capacity due to aging. Eutrophication in many water resources such as rivers and lakes is ongoing. And nitrate pollution in groundwater resources is also serious. In order to protect its public health and environment, EU has been designating nitrate polluted areas (Nitrate Vulnerable Zones) containing over N11.3mg/litter which is the limit for drinking water on international water quality standards set up by WHO as dangerously polluted areas by nitrate. (Huxham, 1999)
To EU members, I would like to propose to renovate such old sewage treatment plants and to reduce an amount of greenhouse gases with the new technology to remove “Nitrogen" which causes eutrophication without emission of greenhouse gas.

2. Many areas nearby the Ganges river in India do not have water plants for suppling water and treating wastewater. Many people in these areas do not have their own toilet due to their religion. Population growth in these areas and pollution of the Ganges river are heavily serious. And in these areas nearby the Ganges river, there are many poor people using the river water for bathing, drinking, and domestic purposes. In order to protect their health, we have to clean up sporadic pollution resources in these areas nearby the Ganges river. Cleaning of rivers in India is a national accountability.
I would like to propose a wastewater treatment project to remedy pollution on the Ganges river areas without emission of greenhouse gas by the innovative wastewater treatment technology with ESF provided by developed countries. This project for environment and infrastructure may establish a new company increasing many jobs in these areas.

3. In California state, there are warm and huge Sun Belt places with insufficient water resources. How to divide such limited water resources among agriculture, urban, and tourism industries is a big social issue of California state.
I would like to purpose effective utilization of the limited water resources in California by reclaiming urban sewage water as water resources for agricultural industries with the new advanced treatment technology without emission of greenhouse gas which has been privately developed.

A message from a wizard of microorganisms; “Change old sewage treatment plants with the innovative technology."


INVITATION of New Strategic de-nitrification treatment technology, and new proposals transfer from us.

Dear All

In 1976, Dr Jun Ui and me established Rural Environment Research Association (“RERA”), a NGO specialized in environment, for researching and developing a new waste water treatment technology to resolve increasingly serious environmental problems. Since its inception, RERA has developed the "Hybrid Lagoon System" (“HLS”) and has put HLS into practical use in several areas.

HLS is a latest advanced waste water treatment technology with an activated sludge treatment and some high technologies. HLS enhances treatment capacity of activated sludge more than other waste water treatment technologies and even automatizes all of such treatment. HLS gives an advanced waste water treatment system high functionality and social cost benefit. HLS also gives you a solution regarding waste water treatment in several areas such as water recycling with advanced waste water treatment. HLS is based on patents in the United States and Japan with lots of “know-how.”

HLS can,

  1. remove 90% of nitrogen, that is difficult to be removed from waste water by other waste water treatment technologies,

  2. save 50% (0.20.3m3/Kwh) of energy needed for advanced waste water treatment,

  3. decrease 50% of surplus sludge produced with advanced waste water treatment,

  4. meet requirements for the highest quality of waste water treatments with some national regulations regarding waste water treatment such as the Discharge standard of pollutants for municipal wastewater treatment plant (GB/T 18918-2002),

  5. improve environments of closed water system with improvement of polluted sludge accreted in bottom of polluted lakes, and

  6. be used in areas of advanced treatment of organic waste water such as municipal waste water and highly-polluted waste water.

Starvation, Epidemic and Destitution are common issues for all people. In order to tackle such issues, we requires latest advanced waste water treatment technology with low burden to our society for our development.

With our website, we would like to let you know our new technology “HLS” as much as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Hiroshi KISHI
President, Rural Environment Research Association

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